Frequently asked questions

Do hands need special care?

The skin is thin, especially on the back of the hand, and subcutaneous and fatty tissue are hardly found. This and the fact that sebaceous glands are almost completely absent, leads to the fact that the hands lose moisture quickly. In addition, our hands are highly exposed and exposed to various factors such as weather, contact with various materials and substances, etc.. Proper care keeps the protective barrier of the skin intact.

Do my hands need more care?

Strained, cracked, dry hands paired with feelings of tension are a sign that our skin requires more care. Otherwise, further redness up to itching and painful spots on the skin occur.

How often do hands need to be creamed?

This cannot be said across the board. The application depends on the need. If your hands often come into contact with disinfectants or cleaning agents, it is doubly worthwhile to use hand cream afterwards.

Why Tal?

Tal has been the Swiss skin care expert from pharmacies and drugstores for 45 years. The products are formulated with a special carrier medium so that they can penetrate deep into the skin and develop their effect sustainably.

What's in the Tal products?

Tal, in line with its philosophy, relies on the most modern technology and compatible, natural products as possible. The plant extracts from edelweiss (Med line) and grapes (Care line) are all of the highest quality. Other high-quality processed plants used in Tal products include horsetail and, in the foot care products, calendula, arnica and pine needle. The newest child of the Tal family, Tal Nature, relies on a veritable plant complex. In addition to edelweiss extract and grape seed oil, currant oil, heart seed extract and sunflower oil concentrate unleash their combined power to protect and regenerate the damaged skin barrier.

Are all Tal products suitable for sensitive skin?

All our products are dermatologically tested. Especially sensitive skin is happy about the care close to nature. Our rich formulations are particularly suitable for the care and treatment of sensitive, dry skin. In addition, the products have been designed to be suitable for normal and combination skin. Only in the day and night care products of the facial care line Tal Absolue there is the distinction in "Rich" as well as "Regular" for the respective skin types.

For those with particularly sensitive hands, we recommend the fragrance-free hand cream Tal Med Clinic. 

Are the products tested on animals?

We strictly reject the testing of cosmetic products on animals and are pleased that the laws in the German-speaking countries have moved in the right direction in this respect.

Where are Tal's products available?

Tal is a specialized trade product and available in pharmacies and drugstores as well as on tal.ch.

I still have unanswered questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Write us a mail to info@parsenn-produkte.ch and we will answer you by return of post and in detail.