Swiss skin care specialist Tal has enjoyed the trust of pharmacies and drugstores for over 40 years. A look behind the scenes of a brand that is loyal to specialist retailers and will remain so.

"When everyone thinks the same, no one thinks." This motto accompanies the Swiss skin care brand Tal, and with it Parsenn-Produke AG, every day. For 45 years now, the family-owned company from Küblis in the canton of Grisons has been going its own way: not swimming with the tide, but building on its own strengths. Being innovative as an SME and still focusing on continuity. 

The specialist trade contributes to continuity. Large retailers approached Parsenn-Produkte AG years ago to include the top product Tal in their product range. For Parsenn-Produkte AG, this was and is not an option. It continues to rely on pharmacies and drugstores, which guarantee competent advice. Such advice is also needed. Because the list of herbal ingredients is long and the application and effect of the products varied. Edelweiss, grape seed oil, calendula, arnica and horsetail make the products even more of a Swiss achievement and are used for purposes ranging from cosmetic to medical. Tal's foot bath, for example, is particularly suitable for use on skin problems such as eczema. Tal Med Hand Cream Exclusive, on the other hand, has been proven effective in the aftercare of scars.Tal helps. Yesterday - today - and tomorrow. The story continues with and especially thanks to strong partners.