They are in constant stress, as a tool, as part of our gestures - and even increase attractiveness. According to a German Forsa survey, for example, every second woman is enthusiastic about beautiful men's hands. A nice butt, for example, is at a disadvantage:

The hand is much more than just superficialities: it is an all-rounder. And did you know ...


  • that the hand consists of 27 bones and 36 joints? About a quarter of our bones are part of our hand.
  • the thumb - apart from its mobility - is also the strongest finger?
  • we have no muscles in our fingers at all?
  • we move our fingers 25 million times in the course of our lives?
  • like not being able to bend the little finger without moving the ring finger? Because both fingers use the same muscle for the movement.


  • that hand washing was not a matter of course, at least until the Corona pandemic? The result of an English study: only 32 percent of men and 64 percent of women washed their hands with soap and water after going to the toilet.
  • that up to 80 percent of all communicable diseases are transmitted via the hands?
  • that damaged skin on the hands can form veritable microbial nests?

Other special features

  • 1) that men usually have a longer ring finger than index finger - and women vice versa?
  • 2) that 12.6 percent of all men are left-handed, compared to only 9.9 percent of all women.
  • 3) Fingernails grow four times faster than toenails?

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